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The Glove Mansion
Ms. Liz is a bitch that you would love to have as a dominant
Sadistic Nurses make good therapists
Kitchen Delicacy?
Paying tribute to Our Ladies of Cum
Bathroom Service with Gloves
Room Service for Our Ladies of Cum
Self service
Romantic evening with a dominant Bitch. You will fall in love with her and she will exploit you
Finger licking good Cleaning Lady
Nurse with unhealthy habits will take good care of you
Outdoor Wash
Girls with Class do it with gloves
Boiler Room Heating Specialists
Your Medical insurance will not cover this treatment
Secretarial Coffee Break
French maid at Her service, not yours
Benefit of living in a Female Police State
The Glove Mansion

An Offer of ... Gloves and... face slaps...Can you refuse?